Sushi Girls

Bangkok is a foodie’s paradise – take your gourmet experience to a new level

Everyone knows that Bangkok is world-famous for being a foodie’s paradise! If you really want to experience food heaven in Bangkok, imagine enjoying your spectacular meal on the perfect body of beautiful Thai girls! One of our best sellers – Nyotaimori, also known as the practice of serving sashimi or sushi on the naked body of a woman. Imagine sharing a sushi dinner with your friends off the sexy body of beautiful Thai girls!

This is the perfect way to start the night of your dream bachelor party. Every bachelor’s fantasy dinner starts with delicious food served by beautiful women,  but we’re here to take that to the next level by serving your meal ON the most beautiful Thai girls you can imagine. You can use chopsticks if you like, but traditionally sushi is eaten with your hands. The choice is yours – you can enjoy your meal with or WITHOUT chopsticks. How will you pluck each delicious bite of sushi from our beautiful dish of desire?

Enjoy sushi or desserts on the body of beautiful Thai girls!

If sushi is not your thing, or if you just have a sweet tooth and are looking for some dessert, prepare yourself for the most delectable dessert you have ever laid eyes on. We can serve up a selection of carefully hand-picked exotic fruit topped with whipped cream and melted chocolate to adorn the body of one of our beautiful Thai girls. No matter what your food preference we are happy to cater to your desires – select the food you would like and have it delivered directly to your private hotel room, and experience food heaven like no other when you enjoy your meal off the body of a gorgeous woman.