Bachelor Party

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A bachelor party is the most important night of a man’s life (after the wedding of course!) and what’s a bachelor party without the experience of being surrounded by gorgeous women all night long? We offer a huge variety of girls and different entertainment services for all the Bangkok bachelors – no matter what kind of experience you’re looking for, we guarantee we have the perfect girls and the perfect experience for you.

Make your stag night one you’ll never forget with one of our exclusive Bangkok bachelor party packages. We have the hottest women and the sexiest experiences for you to choose from so you can have the ultimate stag do that you’ve only ever dreamed of!

Find out about our exclusive and sexy Bangkok bachelor party packages

If you’re looking for a regular bachelor experience, we have the sexiest professional strippers in town for you and the lads to admire and play some sexy games with. Our sexy party girls and party guides will join you and the lads for your night on the town – taking you to all the best bars and clubs in the city so you can enjoy the night partying with the sexiest women in town.

If you want something more unique, we have a whole host of Bangkok bachelor party packages for all of you Bangkok bachelors to choose from! If you want to experience the true beauty of Thailand, consider a private yacht party with a bikini girl DJ and our sexy bikini party girls – this is the perfect way to experience the gorgeous scenery that Bangkok has to offer and our stunning ladies will make the views even better!

If you want to turn up the heat at a private party, hire our sexy bikini girls for an intimate jacuzzi party – you won’t have to worry about closing time at the bar or club. Party into the wee hours of the morning surrounded by the sexiest bikini-clad girls in town. Their fun, flirty energy will keep you up and ready to party throughout the night. Alternatively, if you’re having a private hotel room party, our sexy lesbian show is sure to be an incredible surprise for your Bangkok bachelor. Enjoy this exclusive sexy private show where audience participation isn’t just allowed, it’s ENCOURAGED.

If you’re looking for a memorable food experience to add to our Bangkok bachelor party packages, we have the perfect options for you – hire our sexy topless waitresses to serve you and the lads drinks and food for the night in your own private location. Or if you want something a little more risqué, eat sushi or satisfy your sweet tooth with dresserts from the body of some of the hottest Thai models in the city.

None of our Bangkok bachelor party packages is complete without gorgeous Thai women, and no matter what kind of experience you want, we absolutely have you covered. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you plan and organize the hottest, most unforgettable party for a special Bangkok bachelor!