Bikini girls for pool and yacht party

Make a splash at your party with hot Thai girls

Bangkok ladies know how to get the party started and make sure it never stops!

Thailand is known all over the world for it’s gorgeous beaches, stunning blue seas, and incredible pools with unbelievable views. Hosting at private yacht or pool party in Thailand is a truly unforgettable experience. No matter whether you’re in Hua Hin, Pattaya, or Phuket, surround yourself with the stunning views that Thailand has to offer – crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, and of course our hot Thai girls!

Our Bangkok ladies have so much to offer besides their stunning good looks – they are young, motivated entertainment professionals that really understand how to work a crowd. They will bring a great energy to your party and make sure that it never stops no matter what! They can also help with your event management and emceeing. If you want to add even more fun and liveliness to your pool party, we’ve got you covered – our bikini-clad hot Thai girls love to have a great time. We can organize fun pool party games and provide you with any additional equipment you may need. If you’re hosting a yacht party, we can organize water activities like snorkeling or banana boats for you to enjoy with our Bangkok ladies.

Picture your dream pool or yacht party – you’ll be surrounded by your friends, with drinks flowing and one of our bikini girl DJs playing great music. Nobody knows to party like Bangkok ladies do. These girls will be the life of the party, they’ll drink, and flirt with you and your guests all night long! All of our hot Thai girls are sexy, fun loving, and can speak great English so you’re sure to enjoy spending time with them partying until the sun comes up!